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The Graduate Assistant Application for the Division of Student Affairs includes all of the positions available within the Division. This page will be updated periodically in order to provide candidates with the most current information regarding the availability of Graduate Assistantships in the Division. Check this page regularly to know which positions will be open and how many openings there are for Graduate Assistantships that employ multiple persons in the same position.

Positions Within Student Affairs

Campus Activities facilitates transformational student experiences by creating a vibrant student life community where all students feel valued, connected, and successful. With our vision in mind, we are committed to the holistic development and success of all students, the cultivation of inclusive spaces and communities, and the fostering of meaningful relationships and lifelong learning.

Campus Activities offers the following positions:

Questions? Contact Jesse Vinson at [email protected].

The Office of Community-Engaged Leadership (CEL) works to intentionally provide service experiences and leadership education and development to students. The service experiences offered to students serve as opportunities to connect and engage with others to build authentic relationships, stimulate critical thinking and skill-building, and recognize individual impact and responsibility to our local and global community. The leadership programs and opportunities offered allow students a chance to explore leadership, both inside and outside of the classroom as a way to foster integrity, collaboration, and self-awareness, as well as to grow a student's capacity to lead and inspire action.

CEL offers the following position:

Questions? Contact Ashley Vinson at [email protected].

New Mountaineer and Family Engagement (NMFE) develops and implements programs designed to assist new Mountaineers and their families throughout their transition to Appalachian State University. Our transitional programs include New Student and Family Orientation, Welcome to App, Extended Orientation Experiences, and Family Engagement Initiatives.

NMFE offers the following positions:

Questions? Contact Sarah Garrow at [email protected].

The purpose of the Appalachian State University Student Government Association (SGA) shall be to prioritize equitable representation of all students by acknowledging that each student has different and crucial needs. App State SGA seeks to establish an involved organization that maintains adequate engagement internally and externally.

SGA offers the following position:

Residence Directors have primary responsibility for the day-to-day supervision and management of a residence hall that houses between approximately 200 to 400 students. This includes the training and supervision of a staff of 5 – 9 Resident Assistants, incorporation of the mission, vision, and core values of University Housing into the operation of the residence hall, implementation of university and departmental policies and procedures, facilitating the residential programming model, and administrative responsibilities including serving on departmental committees.

University Housing offers the following positions:

A department in the Division of Student Affairs, University Recreation provides structured and unstructured leisure time activities for Appalachian State University students. Through these activities, students learn lifelong skills that contribute to their social, physical, emotional and intellectual growth and development. University Recreation serves as a laboratory for training in recreation management and related fields. Additionally, University Recreation is responsible for scheduling various athletic and recreational facilities.

University Recreation offers the following positions:

Positions Outside of Student Affairs

The Early Intervention Team is a faculty and staff-led entity, with consultation from Counseling and Psychological Services, the Student Wellness Center, the Institute for Health and Human Services , the Student Learning Center, the University College Academic Advising and Orientation Center and a number of other units and campus personnel. The team’s main function is to meet with students who are showing signs of difficulty with university life and who have been referred by faculty or staff.

The Early Intervention Team offers the following positions:

Questions? Contact Martha Marking at 828-262-7077.

Academic Services for Student Athletes (ASA) provides a comprehensive range of academic advising, personal support, and eligibility oversight for student athletes at Appalachian. Our professional staff works closely with the individual students, teams and coaches of all established varsity sports programs at our University.

ASA offers the following positions:

The Student Learning Center (SLC) supports all students at Appalachian State University in gaining a deeper awareness of what helps them learn and succeed through intentional interventions that seek to empower them to become active participants in a transformative education to meet their academic goals and achieve their academic potential.

SLC offers the following positions:

Student Success is dedicated to the development, promotion, and support of learning for all students. Our team is here to help you discover the ways that you define and experience your individualized student success journey.

Student Success offers the following positions:

The University College Academic Advising Center (UC Advising) transitions, engages, and integrates students into the academic cultures at Appalachian State University. The office oversees the development of several specific programs including: PREP: Pre-Registration Engagement Project, New Student Academic Advising, and Academic Advising for undeclared undergraduate students. Effective Fall 2023, UC Advising will advise students in the Professional Studies major all the way to graduation. We are constantly developing new initiatives within these programs to assist our students.

The University College Academic Advising Center: