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The Graduate Assistant Application for the Division of Student Affairs includes all of the positions available within the Division. This page will be updated periodically in order to provide candidates with the most current information regarding the availability of Graduate Assistantships in the Division. Check this page regularly to know which positions will be open and how many openings there are for Graduate Assistantships that employ multiple persons in the same position.

All downloadable position descriptions are in Adobe PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader for viewing.

Positions Within Student Affairs

Campus Activities (opens in a new tab) facilitates transformational student experiences by creating a vibrant student life community where all students feel valued, connected, and successful.

Campus Activities offers the following positions:

The Office of Community-Engaged Leadership (CEL) (opens in a new tab) engages Appalachian State University students in academic, experiential, and community-oriented programs that enhance their capacity to serve and lead in socially-responsible ways for the benefit of their local and global communities. CEL is a newly formed office on campus that will work to intentionally provide service experiences and leadership education and development to students. The service experiences offered to students serve as opportunities to connect and engage with others to build authentic relationships, stimulate critical thinking and skill-building, and recognize individual impact and responsibility to our local and global community. The leadership programs and opportunities offered allow students a chance to explore leadership, both inside and outside of the classroom as a way to foster integrity, collaboration, and self-awareness, as well as to grow a student's capacity to lead and inspire action.

CEL has the following positions available:

The Office of Intercultural Student Affairs (opens in a new tab) contributes to the academic mission of Appalachian State University by providing marginalized and underrepresented students with mentoring, advocacy, community affirmation; as well as by offering multiple and varied learning opportunities for all Appalachian students to develop an appreciation for diversity and different perspectives, enhance self-awareness, increase multicultural knowledge and strengthen intercultural competency.

The Office of Intercultural Student Affairs offers the following positions:

Questions? Contact our office at (828) 262-6158.

The mission of the Office of the Dean of Students (opens in a new tab) operates as an advocate for students and as a clearinghouse for questions regarding student life. This includes student health (extended illness, death in the family, ect.), extended absences, safety issues, conduct violations, and on and off campus behavior. Areas under this office are: Case Management (opens in a new tab), Off-Campus Student Services/Student Legal Clinic (opens in a new tab), Parent & Family Services (opens in a new tab), Student Conduct (opens in a new tab) and Veteran Services (opens in a new tab).

The Office of the Dean of Students offers the following positions:

Questions? Contact Alicia Vest.

Run for and by students, the Plemmons Student Union (opens in a new tab) exists to create a safe and inclusive environment in which the Appalachian community strives to enhance students' academic achievement and social experience. Our facilities are dedicated to providing opportunities for diverse community development, promotion of equity and modeling of sustainability.

The Plemmons Student Union offers the following positions:

Questions? Contact Ashley Holland.

University Housing (opens in a new tab) provides on-campus accommodations for approximately 5,800 students across twenty residence halls. The mission of University Housing is to provide convenient, well-maintained housing and foster a learning-oriented community that creates connections and opportunities for meaningful experiences.

University Housing offers the following positions:

Questions? Contact Anna McNamara at (828)262-8734.

University Recreation (opens in a new tab) facilitates an inclusive environment where recreation and wellness opportunities transform, engage, and care for the App State community to enhance student learning and development.

University Recreation offers the following positions:

Questions? Contact Rich Campbell.

Positions Outside of Student Affairs

Academic Services for Student Athletes (opens in a new tab) provides a comprehensive range of academic advising, personal support, and eligibility oversight for student athletes at Appalachian. Our professional staff works closely with the individual students, teams and coaches of all established varsity sports programs at our University.

Academic Services for Student Athletes offers the following positions:

Questions? Contact our office at (828) 262-7660.

This Graduate Assistantship is a joint position between the ACCESS Scholarship program and the Student Affairs Administration masters program. The Graduate Assistant provides a valuable service to the ACCESS scholarship program by mentoring our first-generation and low-income first-year students. In addition to mentoring, graduate assistants participate in professional development opportunities to enhance their mentoring skills. Additionally, the Graduate Assistant will be integral to the functioning of the student affairs administration masters program, focusing on recruitment, marketing, and communications; community-building; professional development; meeting scheduling, and more.

ACCESS + Student Affairs Administration offers the following positions:

Questions? Contact Claire LeMoine or Dr. Alan Mueller.

The Honors College (opens in a new tab) helps students develop independent and creative thinking and high-level research skills; promotes interdisciplinary inquiry; and nurtures cultured and caring exchanges of ideas. The college's enhanced academic experience prepares students for success in graduate or professional school and for leadership roles in their lives, communities and careers.

The Honors College offers the following positions:

Questions? Contact our office at (828) 262-2083.

The Office of Disability Resources (ODR) (opens in a new tab) is the designated office to assist eligible students, faculty, staff, and visitors with disabilities by determining access needs and coordinating academic adjustments or workplace accommodations. Under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 (ADA), accommodations are determined individually and are intended to minimize the effects of the impact of specific limitations caused by a disability in order for a qualified individual to have equal opportunity for participation within University programs, services, and activities.

The Office of Disability Resources offers the following positions:

Questions? Please contact our office at