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The base salary for a graduate assistant in Student Affairs:

$9,000 per academic year

$300 in professional development funds

Parking pass $240

In-state tuition scholarship $~3,500

Some assistantships include other compensation, such as housing and meals.  A limited number of out of state tuition scholarships are also available for out of state students.  The scholarships cover tuition only; they do not cover fees.  Additionally, summer sessions are not eligible, but may be negotiable with summer employment.  

*Note: Some graduate assistantships outside of Student Affairs may offer less compensation  These assistantships are noted on the Available Positions page.


Fall/Spring assistantships require graduate students to be enrolled in 9-12 credit hours and be in good standing during the employment term. Students who are probationary or provisional for that term cannot hold an assistantship.

Additional Benefits

Working in an assistantship will increase your understanding of the world of higher education.  You will improve your professional skills, such as building relationships, decision making, leadership, negotiation, and work/life balance.  Many assistantships have professional development opportunities built into them.